Lacrimosa Bridal, wedding, party, red carpet

Pheren Couture

Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Lacrimosa Bridal, wedding, party, red carpet by Pheren Couture Pheren Couture collection, Lacrimosa, focuses on a darker and sinister-looking transformation of a romantic Victorian with a hard-edge. Pheren Couture's core concept of elegant femininity is beautifully conveyed through this empowering collection dominated by lace, crystals, and tulle. These MET gala-worthy couture gowns are especially completed with haunting masks to add a touch of mystery. With designer Pheren's detail-oriented craftmanship and thousands of hours of meticulous hand-made work, each Lacrimosa piece is one of a kind that makes it a showstopping red-carpet-ready gown.


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