The Hummingbird Single Earring

Eleonora Federici

Jewelry Design The Hummingbird Single Earring by Eleonora Federici This earring was inspired by the innate elegance of Nature. It has the shape, the size and the colors of an actual hummingbird. The tail holds the upper part of the ear in order to have most of the weight leaning against it. The beak is the actual post of the earring and the flower is its back. Total number of precious stones: 350. Total precious stones weight: Diamonds 0.62ct, Sapphires (dark blue, blue, light blue and orange): 3.88ct, Tzavorites: 2.31ct. Total 18kt white and pink gold: 40g. Rhodium plating from black to grey on specific areas of the tail, the wings and the body.


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